Translating Tube Sim

As of version 1.1 Tube Sim now includes multilingual support.

The current languages supported are English and French.

In the next couple of weeks, I plan to produce a documentation set for translators detailing scripts for the 7 voices required, the format of audio and how to go about translating the game.

Translating the game is a significant undertaking. There are around 300 audio files to produce and edit. Translators will require a good grasp of English and the language they are translating too, audio editing skills, contact with at least 7 people willing to provide the voices. The audio produced must be of reasonable quality and be edited well to ensure smooth game play.

For the English version of the game voice actors were non-professional and volunteered their time.

The game will continue to be free in all languages, Translators will get my thanks and credits in the documentation along with the voice actors they use. However, translators will not be able to charge for the game. If translators wish to use professional voice actors then this will need to be funded by the translator, raising funds for translation via online crowd sourcing is prohibited.

The translation pack will be available on request, please use the contact us link above to indicate your interest in producing a translation.