Download Dotris

Your just moments away from finding the link to download Dotris, at last. But there are a couple of thank youís that I want to say.
A huge thank you to my test team who for the last month and a half have tried various versions of Dotris and have been invaluable in improving it. So to James, David, Alan, Diane, C A E Jones, Carlos, Reinhard, and Aaron I say thank you.
Thanks also go to my lovely wife Gemma who is the voice of the tutorial. Unfortunately your going to have to listen to my dulcet tones for the rest of the prompts.
Another Major thank you goes to Dolphin Computer Access who have allowed me to use the SAM software. This lets me support a significant number of different displays. In my opinion they make the best screen reader in the world and provide what I think is the industries best customer support.

Finally a reminder that Dotris is not free. There is no charge to download the software but you are expected to make a donation using the link above once youíve played the game and judged its value.

Before downloading Dotris

Before downloading dotris You should ensure Dolphin SAM is installed. If you have a dolphin screen reader then you should already have SAM installed. If you don't then its freely downloadable from my download link for SAM


Click below to download Dotris.
I understand that this game isnít free and wish to download Dotris.