Park Boss

Have you ever been to an amusement park and thought that it would be easy to run or you could do a better job?

Do you want to play an audio only game that doesnít depend on quick reactions but uses your brain to work things out?

Have you ever wanted to hit a sock stuffed with paper with a wooden stick after itís fallen through a tube?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Park Boss is for you.

Park Boss, the latest free release from N A Soft, is an amusement park simulator for Windows where youíre the boss. Every choice you make has an impact on how successful your park is. You can choose from over 70 attractions, choose how your park is laid out and what sort of food you sell. Make the wrong choices, donít employ enough staff or donít pay them enough, charge to much for food or tickets and visitors wonít come. Manage marketing campaigns, react to events at the park and even play and ride some of the attractions.

Park Boss is played using a simple set of menus which give you access to nearly limitless combinations of choices. Once youíve opened your park walk around it in an immersive audio experience and talk to your visitors to see what they think of your park. Listen to what they say; there feedback can help you improve the park.

Listen to the Park Boss Trailer