A blind guys experiences switching from an iPhone to Android

For the last 6 years I've used an iPhone. Well it's time to change. I've recycled my iPhone 6s and for the next 2 years I’ll be using a Google Pixel2. Come listen to my journey as I Learn all about android accessibility and contrast it with IOS.

Getting Started

Episode 5 – Text goes in, voice comes out


Today’s episode is all about input and output. I answer some questions raised by listeners, talk about TTS options and show voice rate. The demo this time is about text input and dictation.

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Episode 3, 1 week in.


In this episode Nick goes over some of the things he likes and doesn’t like about Talkback, Android and the Pixel2 and gives a demonstration of some of the great audio feedback in TalkBack. This week’s demonstration is the lock screen and pixel launcher.

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Episode 2, let’s do this thing. Setting up an android phone with TalkBack


In this episode I reflect and review the android setup procedure, explain what I found and what I think. I then give a physical description of the Pixel2 and what’s in the box. Finally there’s a recording of the setup procedure its self.

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Episode 1: What on earth are you doing?


Blindly Switching Podcast

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