To Know Him And To Show Him

Welcome to the Oakdale Christian Centre Podcast. Join us in our Christian Growth meetings, Bible teaching and Studies from a first century church in the twenty first century.

Special Visitors And Presentations

Creation Research


This is a recording of a visit from Joseph Hubbard, director for Creation Research UK.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators


In this recording we hear from Tabitha, Wycliffe’s Regional Manager for Wales and South West, who tells us what they do and why.

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Rosa from The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People, CMJ.


Rosa Blandford from CMJ visited us again to talk about the work that they do.

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Everything Was Created By Him And For Him. John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard


In this second session, John and Joseph look deeper into the bible to see how everything was created by and for Jesus.

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Creation, Design or Evolution, what evidence is there? John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard.


John and Joseph look into the evidence of creation, was there a designer and what about evolution?

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Gwyn’s Africa


As a church we support Gwyn and his wife Dianne in their work with children and churches in Africa.

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Clyde and Jan from Open Doors


Open Doors are an organisation who support Christians all over the world, particularly in parts of the world where the Church is being persecuted.

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