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Freedom In Christ - Staying On The Right Path


This week sees the final part of our discipleship course, Freedom In Christ. Session 13 is “Staying On The Right Path”
If we want to be truly successful, fulfilled and satisfied we need to uncover and throw out false beliefs about what those things mean and commit ourselves to believing the truth in God’s Word. In this session we will examine what we believe concerning our own personal lives in the light of God’s Word. To help you understand how faith works in your daily life and to encourage you to stay on the path towards becoming more like Jesus.

As this is the last session Dave is planning a summary next week and a time for us who have been through the course to talk about what we’ve learnt. It would be great to see you in person on Thursday the 21st of Jan at 7 PM.

For more information on the Freedom In Christ program see

The main reading is 2 Peter chapter 1.

Podcast edited and produced by Nick Adamson.

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