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Church Vision, Yielding To The Holy Spirit


Join us in the sixth part of our series on Our Church Vision as Pastor Dave looks in to yielding to the leading of the Holy Spirit
Our church vision states:
We believe it is the desire of the Lord to have a Bible believing, Spirit filled (“Pentecostal”), outward looking (“Evangelical”) & vibrant Church in Oakdale. Thereby influencing & affecting our village & beyond spiritually, morally & socially for His praise & glory. A 1st century Church in/for the 21st century.
A place where all ages can know the Lord, find their place of service in His Body & go show Him to their world.
We as a Church have always been & will continue to be totally committed to Prayer/Intercession, understanding that Jesus wants a “ House of prayer for all nations” (Lk.19:46).
“Prayer” encapsulates what we as a fellowship want to be:
P: Pre-eminence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Church as His body & in the individuals that make it up (Matt.6:33, Eph.1:20-23, Col.1:18).
R: Relationships developed & matured: Firstly, with the Lord through Prayer/Word/Fellowship (to know Him as our primary purpose in life), & with each other; committed, serving & loving one another (Lk.10:38-42, Jn.15:12-17).
A: Authority of the Word of God as our only manual for life & source of Truth which we are committed to the preaching/exposition/studying of (1Cor.1:21, 2Tim.3:16-17).
Y: Yielding to the leading, prompting & inspiration of the Holy Spirit in all areas/aspects of our lives; family, work, finance& leisure (Gal.5:16-25). Knowing it is vital to be continually filled so we can be naturally supernatural & work out our gifting to serve others (Acts.1:4-8,Eph.5:18, 1Pet.4:10).
E: Evangelism: Personal & corporate. “To know Him & SHOW Him”. Always looking outward, as Christ’s purpose was “to seek & save the lost” so ours is to be (Matt:28:19-20, Lk.19:10).
R: Restoration of true Biblical Christianity i.e. 1st century Church; ministry & spiritual gifts in full operation, spontaneous Spirit led worship which is borne out by a righteous, holy life full of the fruit of the Spirit (Book of Acts).

The main reading for tonight's study is Romans chapter 8 verse 1 to 30.

Theme music written and performed by Andre Louis

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