A blind guys experiences switching from an iPhone to Android

For the last 6 years I've used an iPhone. Well it's time to change. I've recycled my iPhone 6s and for the next 2 years I’ll be using a Google Pixel2. Come listen to my journey as I Learn all about android accessibility and contrast it with IOS.

Episode 2, let’s do this thing. Setting up an android phone with TalkBack


Welcome to episode 2 of the Blindly Switching Podcast.
I’ve taken the first step in the journey and no longer have an iPhone. Rather I have a brand new Google Pixel2.
Other than a few oddities with the setup procedure and TalkBack tutorial I think the process has been really well thought out.
There’s a couple of resources I’ve been using.
The Google Support guide to accessible android here:
Google Support guide to accessible android
And the Google eyes free email list found here.
Eyes free email list.

The plan is that I’m now going to spend a couple of weeks getting used to the pixel and then pull episodes together looking at some commonly used apps. I’m going to look at email, web browsing. Making phone calls, text messages. Twitter and Facebook. If there’s any other things you’d like me to look in to then please get in contact via the form at www.ndadamson.com or on twitter @AdamsonFamily.

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