A blind guys experiences switching from an iPhone to Android

For the last 6 years I've used an iPhone. Well it's time to change. I've recycled my iPhone 6s and for the next 2 years I’ll be using a Google Pixel2. Come listen to my journey as I Learn all about android accessibility and contrast it with IOS.

Episode 7: The 2 year experiment is over


It’s been 2 years since I switched to android. My phone contract is due for renewal soon and I thought I’d look back at the last 2 years. By the end of this episode you’ll find out if I’m staying with Android or going back to the iPhone.

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Episode 6: Web Browsing and Hitting the Android Wall


In this episode I take a step back and take a look at my android journey, is Android as accessible as IOS, how good is the Pixel2. The demonstration in the second part of the show is on google chrome, the web browser.

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Episode 5 – Text goes in, voice comes out


Today’s episode is all about input and output. I answer some questions raised by listeners, talk about TTS options and show voice rate. The demo this time is about text input and dictation.

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Episode 4 Pixel Mics, Blindo and Email


Not 1, not 2 but 3 topics covered in this episode. First there’s a look at the microphones on the pixel2, then we talk about button labelling and Blindo. Today’s Demo is on email access using AquaMail.

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Episode 3, 1 week in.


In this episode Nick goes over some of the things he likes and doesn’t like about Talkback, Android and the Pixel2 and gives a demonstration of some of the great audio feedback in TalkBack. This week’s demonstration is the lock screen and pixel launcher.

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Episode 2, let’s do this thing. Setting up an android phone with TalkBack


In this episode I reflect and review the android setup procedure, explain what I found and what I think. I then give a physical description of the Pixel2 and what’s in the box. Finally there’s a recording of the setup procedure its self.

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Episode 1: What on earth are you doing?


Blindly Switching Podcast

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